Our Impact


The Court Ordered Visitation program, which has now been under our leadership for almost two decades has increased extensively with the four avenues of service.

We have four visitation services:

  • On-Site Visitation – (click here to view our on-site site plan)
  • Virtual Visitation – Visitation services preformed via WhatsApp or Zoom.
  • Off-Site Visitation – Child friendly environments including recreational areas, restaurants, libraries, parks, etc.
  • In-Home Visits – Experienced Supervisors are present which may, by mutual consent of each parent, be held at the home of the non-custodial parent.


Supervised visitation is a type of visitation that allows a non-custodial parent to maintain constitutional rights to have contact with their children in a controlled environment. When supervised visitation is ordered, the non-custodial parent can only see their child when a supervisor is present. Visitation is offered only to those parties named within an order from the Family or Supreme Court. The court will schedule the length, dates and times of each visit. Domestic violence and/or substance abuse is primarily the reason for the Court Order being provided to the Visitation Parent including allegations of physical, verbal, emotional, economic and sexual abuse, of which, in some cases, children are the victims. The Supervisor reports will reveal the extent of bonding between the child and absent parent, who may petition the court for unsupervised visitation which could ultimately result in applying for joint custody.