All visitors are required to contact the office within two days of the court appearance for an Intake Interview appointment: 845-317-6116.

Our four avenues of visitation services continue serving Rockland County’s children and families with dedication and loyalty to our mission. Court Orders will determine:

  • Virtual visitation
  • On-site visitation
  • Off-site visitation
  • In-Home visitation

RYE is on the front-line to deliver since, we all know that the body and mind are intertwined. A healthy body without a healthy mind in a child can create a disturbed child. Knowing that physical, mental and the emotional welfare of children is the key to promoting their self-esteem and healthy behaviors, RYE consistently provides referrals in all social service fields in order to fill any gaps in our services.

Please, do not hesitate to call office phone line or email us at:

Wishing you all, safety and good health.